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London-based downtempo three-piece Rumours releases "Lights Down"

You might not have seen the name Rumours, but the truth of their musical existence is definitely not fake news. Fede, Mark, and Marion are a now-London-based downtempo three-piece that have made connections from Italy to Norway ultimately coming together to form Rumours. Pulling inspiration from their respective upbringings and personal tastes, the synergy of the group culminates in meticulously crafted, emotionally charged songs with a penchant for heady productions and live instrumental energy. Today they unveil their first single of the year, "Lights Down".

"Lights Down" addresses the complexities of modern love and romance. In their own inimitable fashion, Rumours state that "‘Lights Down’ tells a story about balance, lust, and sincerity. We often find ourselves wanting more than what someone else is willing and able to give or the other way around." With instrumental, steady ease from the get-go and soulful vocal work, "Lights Down" might have you turning your lights down low and floating away on their energy. Give it a go above! 

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