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Majestic Casual taps indie artist okaywill for "Falling For You"

Indie music curator Majestic Casual has been working on some special projects over the last couple of months. Most recently they did a series with Game Of Thrones heroine Maisie Williams, and now they're back to their regularly scheduled programming with music releases. Today they reveal a new single by okaywill, a relatively unknown and mysterious South Carolina based singer-songwriter. Romantic melodies and soft vocal work compliment the love letter entitled "Falling For You" by okaywill.

The single comes as the title track from his forthcoming debut EP due out later this year. His music aims to document love, longing, and the emotions of growing up - all through the lens of stripped down, nostalgic sounds with hints of melancholy to boot. If you're looking for whimsical sonics and sound equipped for dimly lit bedrooms, go ahead and click play above. 

connect with okaywill Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud



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