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Skye Wallace disarms the glass ceiling on "There Is A Wall" video

Toronto’s Skye Wallace takes wind as a voice that doesn’t need much additional flare to get her point across. On her newest single, “There Is A Wall,” the folk-rock songstress walks with a confident and empowering stride from the obstacles and frustration that women experience when they aim for greatness. Wallace utilizes each wall set in place for an empowering declaration, or as Wallace states, an “anthem lamenting the glass ceiling,” set to the tuning of alternative rock. Paired with a visual that burns with a leading array of talented artists, Wallace is at her most compelling when she fuels her own fire.

The untroubled opening is met with reverbed guitar plucks, a daunting snare hit, and a smokey tone by Wallace which grips tightly for the first few minutes. Roaring into full bursts, of what gears as a catharsis release, the anthemic track chants louder throughout the video. Bubbling with assertive aggression, the video pans to an array of featured musicians, artists, activists, business entrepreneurs, and poets, who allow the aurora of their own stories to paint their facial canvases.

Nicholas Marinelli’s direction steers into the philosophy of show, don’t tell, and plays with the narrative of who really is in control. While the track is built from frustration, the video doesn’t give it the space to breathe, but rather display the individuals who are still running down the walls they encounter when they “misbehave.”

Wallace, alongside her ensemble, aren’t led by anger, but control it, stirring a powerful and reflective message for those who can’t find a way past their own walls. Charged by the insightful cadence of Wallace, the video’s delivery lingers in the best way, attesting to the singer's note, “This is a song for all the untold stories, the under-appreciated, and the unseen.”

“There Is A Wall” is taken off her upcoming self-titled album, Skye Wallace, due out June 7th, 2019. Wallace is set for a busy summer, including her album release show, and multiple stints throughout surrounding cities of Ontario, Canada.

Connect with Skye Wallace: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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Nick g. Demendoza
Nick g. Demendoza
1 year ago

Big star for se USA ga. Shotlanta now. S. Ga is an emerging mkts. in econ. dev. states, as well as nw. Just add up uga, and Kennesaw state u. powerhouses and that's almost 73,000+ students. 8500 trucks on 75 in ga. per day. Records pop. boom, logistics, manufacturing., and 11 music studios incl. IBM. New modern skysrapes...