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Figure what it means to be “Losing Myself” with Shui & Denae

Even though the newcomer duo, Shui & Denae have recently set off on their musical journey, they have quickly established their sound in conscious pop-electronic tunes.

The duo is composed of Colorado based singer/songwriter Tayler Denae, who is also known by Gioto along with producer Aaron Cross, aka Shui. By combining their talents they effortlessly create singles that incorporate bouncy synth filled drops, and whimsical top lines that are geared to put you straight in your feels. 

Their latest release “Losing Myself” targets exactly what it sounds like, that moment of realizing that by trying so hard to please other people, you’ve in fact lost touch with yourself. With a solid kick and subtle chimes, the duo builds to their repertoire that is sure to only get better and better with each release.

Connect with Shui & Denae: Spotify |  Soundcloud | Audiomack | Instagram | Facebook 



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