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Iris emulates the "Crazy" haze of a consuming love [Video]

Newcomer Iris has all the makings of a star ready to form its own constellation- raw talent, open heart, and a luminous ambition that won't be dimmed. Her debut single "Crazy" landed a feature on Netflix's "Santa Clarita Diet" almost immediately after its release, leading to a whirlwind follow-up month that boasted of an acoustic version release, and the shooting of the official music video. The complimentary visuals are premiering here today in all their warm-toned colours and nostalgic moments. 

When we caught up with Iris, she shared with us the sentiment behind the video: "I feel like the song gives a sense of grandeur, and the space where I shot it is just that. Love is huge and at times overwhelming, yet a beautiful feeling- I wanted my video to reflect that image along with intermixing some real moments as well."

The video stays true to her words, with cuts to self-recorded scenes dripping with sun-kissed hues and a sense of peace within the chaos. The song itself is a nod to pop ballads of the past, where loaded lyrics and emotive vocals carried the songs rather than get drowned in their overcompensating production. Emboldened by the evocative nature of love, this slow-tempo, lyric-heavy track is a marker for what Iris' artistic passion is all about: "It's such a great feeling knowing what I'm doing is connecting with people, and I trusted my gut when I decided to put this song out as my first as a solo artist. "

Humbly uncomplicated and refreshingly open, Iris' debut is sheathed in velvet vocals and minimally affective notes. We can expect to hear more from her this summer, as she plans the release of more singles and even some shows. 

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