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It's time for SACRE's "11:00PM BECOME HUMAN"

Hawaii and Sukil of Parisian duo SACRE have been taking us on a journey through their forthcoming debut album Love Revolution. It's been a breakdown hour-by-hour to come together to introduce 12 characters, one for each hour. This newest piece of the story is "11:00PM BECOME HUMAN." It continues where we left off with Hawaii and Sukil after encountering star character Bebe at her fiery performance.

At this hour, Hawaii, Sukil, and Bebe have fled the scene. According to the band's story, they've stopped at a gas station to let Bebe declare her love to the android gas attendant. SACRE explains that because he's an android, "love provokes a bug in his system. After a long reboot he wakes up as a free man."

"11:00PM BECOME HUMAN" definitely sees SACRE's sound take on a strong futuristic and sci-fi element. The track is filled with clips of robotic vocals, soaring layers of synthesizers, and edgy mechanized production. Combining those glitchy bits with contrasting moments of more organic melodies seems to parallel with the idea of our new android friend becoming human. Now what will happen?

Be sure to follow along with SACRE to see where their Love Revolution story leads. Look for Love Revolution to debut in its entirety toward the end of the year.

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Electronic · Indie Dance · Synth Pop


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