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BAUM flips the breakup narrative on new single "Fuckboy"

Looking for your latest, zero-fucks-given-I'm-gonna-love-me-over-your-bullshit anthem? Time to turn to singer/songwriter BAUM and her new single "Fuckboy". Sabrina Teitelbaum, aka BAUM, hasn't released new music since 2018 and is coming out on a high note - quite literally belting out her feelings and switching up the traditional breakup narrative. "I feel like the narrative people are always putting on women is the 'boy meets girl, girl falls in love instantly, boy breaks girls heart' story" Baum shares on the emotional background of the track, "I wanted to sing about something different. It’s obviously not good to be a fuckboy, but women aren’t emotional wrecks running around searching for love, looking to be saved, yet I feel like that identity is constantly being placed on us."

The release of "Fuckboy" is accompanied by a music video directed by Marcella Cytrynowicz, who's created videos for Snoop Dogg, JOYRICH, Capitol Records, Yellow Claw, Happy Socks, and big brands like Nike.  The video follows the storyline of two dancers and their interaction with one another as they mirror movements and move independently as well. "This is meant to mimic how we interact with people we are involved with, the games we sometimes play, and how we can ultimately find power in independence," BAUM says of the video. The storyline of the female dancer is meant to offer a different tale to that of the quote on quote overly emotional woman we frequently see in the media and mainstream entertainment. We're all for busting through glass ceilings, and BAUM seems to be feeling the same way. Check out the visuals above.
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