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Lewis Blissett releases his debut single "Sick Thoughts"

15-year-old singer Lewis Blissett has been releasing simple YouTube covers with powerful enough vocals to garner him over a million subscribers. After covering songs from artists like Rihanna and Billie Eilish, he has earned their praise. The English singer uses music as therapy and an escape, but his new, lone song is uniquely engaging. Lewis Blissett's first ever single, "Sick Thoughts," shows a potent youthfulness and an incredible voice. The alternative pop record is catchy but not shallow. It's dark and mysterious, yet still offers an honest relatability. His voice is both soft and strong; the vocals are not overpowering but convey passion as he nails every note. 

Hailing from the UK but with a sizable fanbase in the US, Lewis Blissett has a global appeal and could soon be a worldwide artist. Press play on his just-released new single "Sick Thoughts" on Spotify up above and all streaming platforms here


Connect with Lewis Blissett: Instagram 



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