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Jamie Jones lends name on ten track slew compilation from kryptic duo's KryptoFabbrikk

Kryptofabbrikk Records celebrates fourth compilation “Aktive Vol 4” released 10th May on this cryptic label.   Original track, “Glück Rework” and nine other curations by Sonya and Cesar Kryptonica makes a slew of Euro slaw. If you are looking for meat on the bones J Jones style of tech house from the deli aisle, this is for those who like the deeper darker tasty side of Tech.

If you love Tech House vibe generally from around the years of 2011-2013, think Manuel de la Mare style beats years previous, and a hark back vibe of stuff Russ Yallop did with Wildkats with “System Crank” on Hot Creations.  If that kind of stuff ever grabbed you, then you are gonna dig this ten out of ten EP grab off the shelf.

Stand out track “Ligne Funf Alex Ground Remix" by Jerome C offers Deep House disgusting rubber-band bass, giving bouncy motion sickness amusement park roller coaster aura.  

“Silence of the Bombies Aquaman Mix” by Jamie Jones presents a sort of mystique clockwork orange James Bondy sort of vibe.  It's kitsch, conjuring furiously driving around the streets of Rome in a Cinquecento. 

 “Against All Authority” by Panzi69 and Guti Legatto offers metronomic clockwork beat with a boing, and vocals sounding like distorted airport tannoys via a control tower.  The authoritative voice tells us something to the likes of this is no dream this is really happening.

This trippy gallery of work opens our brain to imaginations not felt for a while and just in time for a summer Paradise at DC10 season.  Hopefully, we’ll discover these tracks getting played there, or perhaps at somewhere like RESISTANCE.  

Order the ten track EP here

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