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WE ARE FURY and RUNN relive "Memories" in new track

Attention EDM lovers: Canadian duo WE ARE FURY return with melodic new single "Memories", in collaboration with songstress RUNN. Since kicking off the year with "Looking For You", the duo have continued to explore their sound in their newest single, amplifying high-strung emotions with RUNN's insatiable vocals.

A melodic dubstep anthem, "Memories" is a sophisticated juxtaposition of the duo's signature dark sounds with industrial glitchy fills—enveloped by RUNN's heartfelt lyricism for an indescribable feeling of emptiness and hope. "Memories" is a song about loss," the duo shares, "We all go through loss, in many forms. Whatever it is you are going through you are allowed to mourn and experience it fully. However, you have to keep going and eventually you will see why you had to go through those experiences in order to become the person you are now."

Through iridescent instrumentals, WE ARE FURY builds up RUNN's 'character', utilizing very real human experiences and imagery to convey their message—in both the album art and in the track. The emotional record strings us along in a narrative of tumbling synths and subtle percussive backbeats, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the journey. Fusing emotive melody and their signature frenetic drops effortlessly, WE ARE FURY proves yet again that they're on top of their game. 

Stream "Memories" here.


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Photo credit: Curtis Huisman

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