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Leah Kate goes after what she wants in "So Good"

Upbeat, infectious commercial electro-pop at its finest, Leah Kate releases her new single entitled “So Good”. Deep staccato beats and assertive vocals ooze with confidence. “So Good” is a strong representation of the acclaimed singer's go-getter personality. Thematically the song is a narration of knowing exactly what you want and stopping at nothing to get it.  Singing, “you’re no good, it’s so good,” she knows he’s bad for her, but that just entices her even further.

Based in New York, Leah Kate is yet another independent artist proving you don’t need a label to attain success. With hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify and having worked alongside notable industry professionals, she’s managed to carve out her own path with her unique left-of-centre pop. As a result, the bold IDGAF attitude paired with feel-good danceable anthems translates into highly honest and relatable tracks.

Leah Kate has been on a constant journey of assurance and self-identity. Having grown up submerged in the entertainment world from a family in media, the songstress found her escape, moving to New York City. A young woman just trying to figure things out like the rest of us, she aims to inspire others through her genuine and innovative songwriting. Leah Kate is ready to deliver audiences with the most authentic version of herself with her stunningly candid releases. Take a listen to her compelling track “So Good” out now.

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