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Steven Alexander wallows in sorrow on "Wait"

San Diego based producer/singer Steven Alexander makes a splash on our page with solemn record, "Wait". 

The young singer is fully hands-on with his songs. Producing, recording and mixing by himself, "Wait" gets a little help from his friend who plays horns. Whilst the guitar-driven mellow beat has a very solemn, vintage feel and sees Alexander pours out his heart out with an emotion-filled performance. Alexander sings about a deep uncertainty in a shaky relationship where he wishes for companionship but the other person has other motives. 

"Wait" is really relatable and shows how fragile we all can be when it comes down to unrequited love. Hit the play button and get familiar. Listen to "Wait" above.

Connect with Steven Alexander : SoundcloudTwitter | Instagram

Alternative R&B


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