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Look into the mind of a rap star in Lord Apex's in Blanka Buds [Video]

London-based rapper Lord Apex releases an official video for "Blanka Buds," a track off his 2019 album Smoke Sessions Vol. 2.

Apex sets the foundation for the mood of the song in the intro: "Why everybody wanna be a rockstar? I ain't feeling that It's Apex the rap star, cus I rap." From there, he serves up a unique nonchalant swagger in harmony with the contrasting back to the basics attitude that normally comes of harsh to audiences who aren't fans of 1990's hip-hop. Instead, he welcomes the listener with a warm voice and smooth flow layered on a beautifully produced nostalgic boom-bap beat.

Visuals of colorful street graffiti inspire the use of assisting animation through the video. Apex calmly expresses his love for buds and raps while criticizing the world around him. However, he is not too concerned because it's all good to "Apex the rap star, blowing on Blanka" because he's going to keep doing what he loves; making great rap music.

Connect with Lord Apex: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

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