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Aisha Badru lets go of her emotional "Prisoners & Guards" in captivating single

Hauntingly beautiful and evocatively honest, singer-songwriter Aisha Badru is the singular voice embodying all the little cracks and unknown gaps in our emotional ranges. A fitting title, her 2018 debut album Pendulum swung across musical influences and sentiments alike, with each track finding its own unique place in our hearts. Reminiscing on heartbreak and melancholy was a delicate undertaking, and left Badru wondering "What's next?", leading her to write the follow-up EP Road to Self, aptly titled as a journeying mission toward self acceptance and ultimately- self love. The second single to be released off the forthcoming EP, "Prisoners & Guards" is a rain-soaked euphoric lullaby, slowly releasing the latches of every chain that ever held Badru back. 

With the soothing patter of falling rain and Badru's achingly delicate vocals whispering to us, "Prisoners & Guards" feels like sitting down next to a glowing fireplace to listen to a recital of your favourite story. Haunting and comforting all at once, Badru describes the track as "a call to let go of the pain and past traumas that we hold onto so tightly and form our identities around." Around the 2:18 mark, as Badru hums along to the graceful melody, the rain stops and a beating percussion thrums through our senses, leading in euphoric piano keys and subtle horns. Badru proclaims "I used to be afraid | Of the dark | In my heart" in a climactic release of every fear and insecurity she's ever held onto. The entire track is a symbolic emotional undressing, letting the rain wash away the dirt and cobwebs. She emerges triumphantly as the best version of herself- a little cleaner and a lot more powerful. 

Badru's spiritual healing will be taken on the road this spring on a tour alongside Allman Brown, which you can find tickets for here

May 10- College Park, MD- MilkBoy ArtHouse
May 12- Montréal, QC- Le Ministère
May 13- Toronto, ON- The Garrison
May 14- Chicago, IL- Subterranean
May 15- Minneapolis, MN- Turf Club
May 17- Denver, CO- Lost Lake Lounge
May 18- Salt Lake City, UT- Kilby Court
May 21- Los Angeles, CA- Hotel Cafe
May 22- San Francisco, CA- Rickshaw Stop

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