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DāM-FunK cooks up some futuristic funk on "compos mentis"

DāM-FunK is back in business as he prepares to launch his new instrumental EP 'STFU II'. His new single "compos mentis" shows why he is the best at what he does. He digs deep and far into the future as he takes elements from hip-hop, funk and electronic music to make this lush offering. He doesn't stress the non-essentials and continues to soothe our ears with his lush-funk flow & positive energy. As usual, this far out piece of work was produced, played & recorded entirely by the man himself.

The 7 track EP 'STFU II' will be out later this month via Glydezone Recordings.

Connect with DāM-FunK: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Electronic · Hip-Hop


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