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Plàsi uncovers the "Mystery" of his effortless appeal

While the modern world rushes to discover the next new sound, Swedish artist Plàsi (Mikael Bitzarakis) is content protecting its old one. Inspired by a dark night on a misty coastline, Plàsi's evocative follow-up to his 2018 debut album is a sensationally moving folk piece. "The sea at night gives me a mystic feeling of always being followed by someone without knowing the reason", the Swedish artist explains of the origin of his first release of the year, "Mystery". 

Lulling us to a softly plucked guitar and entrancing hums, Plàsi gently reminds us of the grace and beauty in a simple folk song. Liberated from the clutter of a full arrangement, he is able to meander through visions of forestry and water, both in light and dark with the pure force of his lyricism. Flawlessly enveloping us in a cloak of subtle intrigue, "Mystery" takes us through a visually invoking journey with our senses alight on a dark and dreary night. Plàsi progresses this chilling mood, adding a slight layer of higher notes to entreat "a feeling of presence that is sketchy at first, but gives you strength the more you embrace it." Powerful in its visuals, "Mystery" is the first single to be released off of Plàsi's upcoming EP. While it still remains to be seen what his sophomore project will lead him to, it is no mystery that Plàsi's talent and charm know no bounds. 

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