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Jarred AG is going to "Hyperspace" and beyond on his latest single

Chicago in the building! On his latest track, “Hyperspace,” Chi-town silk-weaver Jarred AG drops a smooth cut that will make you want to get in the car and go places. Off to “Hyperspace” we go.

Produced by Jordan Lumley, “Hyperspace” sounds more like suede than velvet. Jarred is smooth in his opening, but when he nears the halfway point, he shifts gears into a straight up rap verse, giving his sound some grit. He shows no fear whatsoever, whether he’s singing, rapping, facing off with the cops or hopping in his ride to blast away from this planet. His ability to both sing and rap show promise for the relatively unknown musician. Here's hoping we'll get some more examples soon.

“Hyperspace” is the first single off of Jarred’s upcoming Midnight on Western EP. About the project, Jarred says: “The EP is meant to capture a moment of uncertainty, the push and pull between different worlds. For me, growing up Puerto Rican in the US feels like occupying two places at once, both colonizer and colonized, insider and outsider. This dissonance is boiled down into a snapshot of time on the EP. I wrote it to cover the course of a day, as I try to grapple with identity and the difference between who I am and who I want to be, knowing that every choice comes with a price.”

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