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Pomona Dream blends Funk & Jazz on new single “Silver Apple of The Moon”

Gothenburg-based advanced-jazzthetics auteurs Pomona Dream are breaking out their Springtime vintage vibes on their latest single “Silver Apple of The Moon.” The track was born under the house that Sandra Bang and Ribbs, a.k.a. Pomona Dream wrote while living together a few years back. Initially inspired by American synth pioneer Morton Subotnick’s "Silver Apples of the Moon," the pair re-crafted a funky and easygoing version fit for their own discography. 

Known best for their unique blend of American and European sensibilities, Pomona Dream have conjured a singular style and sound that’s been present since their harmonious inception. An aesthetically pleasing release from top to bottom, “Silver Apple of the Moon” also marks the introduction of Bang and Ribbs’ new label, Disques High Couture.

Lush vocal work, abstract wordplay, and classic, boom-bap beats are a working formula for the pair, that has us hooked. Give it a first listen here. 

Connect with Pomona Dream: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter



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