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Former high school frenemies link up as Dady and release new alt-pop single "250cc"

Currently living in NYC, project duo Dady, made up of singer-songwriter Rachel Dady and songwriter/producer Jesse O'Connor, are making music with a one-two punch. The pair are coming highly recommended for fans Haim, The Japanese House, and Terror Jr., not a bad bunch to be grouped with! Known for their well-crafted melodies, swirling synths, dynamic beats, and silky vocals, Dady have been slowly and steadily building a fan base from the days they were frenemies in high school. Their newest single "250cc" out now, is upbeat, alt-pop centered with a bit of electronic soul. 

The duo share, “250cc is about being in a relationship that has become one-sided, but having the strength to drive away. The dirt bike reference was inspired by the Disney Channel movie, Motocrossed." Easy synths, floating vocals, and delicate instrumentals make this one easy on the ears, it's a simple piece of work, but will show you where the band is headed and what they want to offer to their fans. Give it a spin! 

Connect with Dady: Facebook |Spotify 

Electro Pop


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