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Noizu and Tony Romera's track on 'EDC Las Vegas 2019 Compilation' is purely "4 The People" [Premiere]

As the rolling waves of summer heat come crashing in and as excitement builds for the peak of festival season, producers Noizu and Tony Romera have teamed up for an unprecedented yet wholly welcomed collaboration in the form of "4 The People"—one that marks their contribution to the forthcoming EDC Las Vegas 2019 Compilation. With EDC Las Vegas right around the corner, Insomniac Records has exclusively shared the house banger ahead of its May 10th release.

A heady track through and through, "4 The People" sees the duo dive head-first into wailing sirens and robust basslines—unrelenting in manner and in flair. Boasting invigorating hi-hats that emphasize the infectious vocal samples, the track is laden with bass-house cadences that frenetically constructs a narrative of both producer's sonic signatures. Ensuring a lively time, "4 The People" is tailor-made for dance lovers, as it takes us through a thorough audial experience of bounce and clever stabs.

With such an exciting sneak peak, we're excited to hear the rest of the compilation—officially releasing tomorrow, May 10th. Pre-save the EDC Las Vegas 2019 Compilation here.


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Photo courtesy of @AliveCoverage

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