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Enamour & Rinzen's "Quark" shines amongst other dance floor gems in 'Four Points III'

Enamour swoons listeners right off their feet in his latest collaboration with prog-tech heavyweight Rinzen... destination? The dance floor. "Quark" is a case study in precision-engineered production, with grandiose synth builds and riffs that flex like muscular tissue around the track’s backbone, a wildly dynamic and punchy groove.

This masterfully produced dance collaboration between two domestic heavyweights is just one part of a thoughtfully curated compilation of international melodic dance talent.  The contributions to Four Points III stem from all 4 corners seeing Tilburg in attendance by way of PQM, Spain represented by Aaryon, Paris in presence with Olivier Giocomotto and the United States by way of Enamour & Rinzen. Each artist on the package deliver their signature sound to the release, but we find consistency throughout in the thoughtfully melodic and progressive style of the music.

Yoshitoshi’s Four Points series is about celebrating the vibrancy of different international dance cultures, bringing producers together from four “points” across the globe to create a refreshing edition of the music we all come home to on the dance floor. Find your way via Enamour's "Quark" or any of the other selections today. 

Connect with Enamour: Soundcloud | Spotify Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Beatport

Dance · Progressive · Techno


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