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Kean Farrar takes analog photograph and Berlin "On A Roll" in latest video

Kean Farrar seems to be taking notes from The Weeknd, mixing up a style of alternative R&B vocal work and electronic productions. At just 20 years old, the Berlin-based artist creates music, versatile in both style and sound, and reflects common themes of his upbringing in Berlin, a city characterized by hedonistic nightlife and historical isolation. Speaking about his new single "On A Roll", he states, "I wrote 'On a Roll' with the constant image of what Berlin feels like to me, an upbeat, yet melancholic experience. The song reflects various current themes of my life, some of which I would like to escape, but only can if I also leave this city.“

His dreamy and definitely rated for mature audiences single, "On A Roll," comes with a black and white artsy new video to match the lyrical content. Farrar remarks, “The video was shot by my good friend and talented photographer, Johan Lovis. It carries a similar aesthetic to the visuals of my first two songs “Heartthrob” and “Break Apart,” but has a much faster pace. We combined iPhone shot clips and analog photography and It portrays various moments of my friends and I going out in Berlin. Hope you'll enjoy it." Give it a view here. 
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