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Diamond Thug share kaleidoscopic visuals for "Tell Me" [Premiere]

Founded in a small town on the southern tip of Africa, Diamond Thug are a band who craft an elegantly energetic soundscape of dreams. Their latest release, "Tell Me", is an example of their dreamy soundwaves.

"Tell Me" is "an empathetic song, dealing with the acceptance that suffering is a shared experience of all of life, albeit to differing degrees", says the band. Its anxious synths, combined with indie guitar melodies, results in a brooding, starry-eyed number. The dreaminess of the track is almost lethargic, yet it's tendencies to hook you in with Chantel Van T's moody vocals and the repetitive "tell me, my friend" keeps the assumptions at bay. 

Matching the track's aura with a set of kaleidoscopic visuals, the band have truly captured the essence of sharing experiences. Through their artistic manner, Diamond Thug are setting a new set of rules when it comes to addressing melancholic themes. It's a song about "breaking the restrictive barriers of one’s state of mind through reaching out to others", says Chantel Van T. "The video emphasises this intense emotion through its narrowness and super-close perspective. Surrounded by glistening beauty, the video highlights the contrast between our internal and external viewpoints."

This track is a stunning reminder that it's important to reach out to friends and family in times of need. It's a beautiful, truthful hint at being real and honest. It's awe inspiring and I am thankful for this piece of art. 

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