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The Regrettes play "Dress Up" in latest single

The Regrettes just released their latest single "Dress Up" off of their long awaited sophomore album. It's the punchy sound that we have grown to love from The Regrettes, but has a heavier 2000's rock influenced sound. Lead singer Lydia Night's vocals shine right through the brilliant guitar work of Genessa Gariano. The song transitions from staccato verses into the heavy chorus, while Drew Thomsen's drumming skills carries the single from start to finish. 

The song is the story of the narrator who has unintentionally mistreated their partner. The partner wants to leave but the narrator makes up excuses to get them to say, even though the narrator knows that these are all empty promises. Deep down the narrator knows their partner would be better off without them. 

"Dres Up" directly follows the announcement of their UK tour starting at the end of this year. 

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