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YG, Tyga, and Jon Z “Go Loko” with a Mariachi band

Well-known Los Angeles gangsta rapper YG got together with Tyga and Jon Z to create the perfect Latinx-inspired hip hop anthem for the summer. "Go Loko" was also accompanied by a music video that vividly celebrates Mexican and Puerto Rican culture.

Featuring the Mexican and Puerto Rican flags, and having a mariachi band, the video is a nod to Latinx Culture in Southern California. As far as video goes, all three of the artists incorporated cowboy hats, flannels, long white tees, and bandanas, and were definitely well dressed for the occasion. But crucially, in addition to the low-riders, horses, alcohol and beautiful women featured in the music video, YG, Tyga and Jon Z lyrics had equally well-constructed lyrics for the song. While YG and Tyga verses encompass more of a West Coast feel, Jon Z spices up the track when he hops on and starts rapping in Spanish about women and Four Lokos. Lead by a smooth melody “Go Loko” is produced by DJ Mustard.  Ultimately, “Go Loko” brings the West Coast hip hop feel with a Latin flare and is a song that should be on repeat this upcoming summer.

“Go Loko” will be on YG’s upcoming album 4REAL 4REAL, which is to be released in the upcoming months.

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