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Mitch McAteer debuts voice of raw power in "I Hate That I Love You" single

Sometimes, an artist’s pure ardor and sincerity is obvious from the first moments of a song. The initial down stroke of a guitar, the repeated note progression that finds its way into your veins. These moments are ones of intensity in Mitch McAteer’s single “I Hate That I Love You”. From the title alone, you might expect a quirky anthem-like tune about the frustration of that annoying crush. McAteer's perspective is different, however. One narrated by the Northern Irish singer's chillingly deep vocal power that lowers and rises to an astonishing degree. This debut single off of his upcoming EP Lost In The Wild, shows off the 21 year-old’s immense skill at throwing his full self into the depth of his music.

“I Hate That I Love You” is an honest letter to someone just out of reach. McAteer’s voice reminds me of the intense baritone of the country roots troubadour The White Buffalo. There is no denying the levels to which McAteer pushed himself to achieve this unique quality of sound. A sound which reaches a crescendo in the latter half of the track. I’m really cheering for this effort to be reflected in McAteer’s upcoming EP, which was recorded live over a period of four days. I have no doubt that it will. His creative process bloomed upon his return to the quiet Irish countryside. It offered a needed contrast from his time spent in London. With a lack of wifi, McAteer opened up. “I Hate That I Love You” is a mixture of rock and southern folk characteristics, and that one-of-a-kind voice.  I can only imagine what McAteer does with the remainder of his debut EP. 

Lost In The Wild EP is due out May 15th.

Connect with Mitch McAteer: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify

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