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Kevin A's "Make Me Move" is a turbulent visual experience in understanding love [Video]

What was once simply defined as monogamous, modern-day love is now but a sporadic rollercoaster of emotional turbulence, breaking boundaries and redefining behaviours. Under a microscopic and a telescopic eye, Kevin A explores modern-day love and displays his creative ingenuity as he takes us on a kaleidoscopic journey in his new music video for "Make Me Move." 

"Make Me Move", like love, is an experiment and takes viewers through various panned shots up close and far away. Featuring Kevin himself, the artist takes a spasmodic walk in his hometown of metropolitan Toronto as monochromatic images of a lover flash throughout. The four frames placed in the silhouette of a film strip is imbued with detailed shots that tell a more distinct narrative, highlighting both Kevin and his lover's turmoil, staying true to the soulful cuts of the track. Kevin's affinity for experimentation shines through in both the audial and visual, as hints of genres seep through the melded instrumentals. It's a turbulent visual experience like none other, emotive resonance both raw and pure—effectively making us look to our own love lives and wonder.

Demonstrating a knack for poetry and production from a young age, Kevin has masterfully honed the art of seamless fusion, combining a myriad of genres to create a sound that is uniquely his own. Beginning his work in early 2013, the Scarborough-based musician has garnered over thirty blog features, radio play on CBC Radio One and stations across Canada and Europe, as well as having received music composition grants from Toronto Arts Council and Ontario Arts Council. As a writer, Kevin's poetry has been published in Scarborough Arts' 2017 and 2018 Big Art Book compilations and has received the Eugenie Shehirian Award for Youth Literature in 2017. As co-founder of the Scarborough-based arts collective Triangle & Seed, Kevin has also been involved with a number of multimedia projects. The most notable is a 2016 documentary, "Watching TV with the Mind Off," directed by fellow Triangle & Seed co-founder Sampreeth Rao that Kevin scored and starred in. 

Connect with Kevin A: SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram

Photo credit: Jordan Mill


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