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In "Facing the Truth" Daniel Steinberg returns to his Arms & Legs imprint [Premiere]

Stories come in many different forms and for audiophiles pertaining to dance, stories come in the ebbs and waves of bass and percussive rhapsodies. Following his industry-shaking Twilight EP, Daniel Steinberg triumphantly returns to his own Arms & Legs imprint for another infectious compilation. Premiering here today, the Berlin-based producer brings old-soul house back with "Facing the Truth"—the title track of his Facing The Truth/Uganda EP. 

Exploring the simplicity in complexity, "Facing the Truth" is a careful examination into groove—a flawless recipe for bringing soulful fun back into the dancefloor. Doing his due diligence in light of the coming summer months, Steinberg infuses well-balanced funk into the track, marrying deep vocals with bouncy hi-hats for the ultimate summer hit. The track hits back in disco nostalgia, full-bodied in percussive modulation and carefree liveliness that breathes a wholly freeing experience.

Facing The Truth/Uganda will officially be released on May 3rd. 

Connect with Daniel Steinberg: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram

Disco · Future Funk · House · Premiere


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