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The KickDrums soothe us to the sounds of "Bubblegum"

It has been a long and winding road for Brooklyn based singer-songwriter-producer Alex Fitts. More commonly known by his recording moniker The KickDrums, Fitts boasts of an illustrious career collaborating with hip-hop mavens (Kid Cudi, RZA, Duckwrth) and other industry powerhouses alike. Since the departure of his producing partner in 2011, Fitts has been single-handedly carrying on the name in the landscape of a new sound: indie rock. Proving once again that talent isn't confined by genres, he gears up for the release of his forthcoming EP La Playa with an exclusive premiere of "Bubblegum"- a soothing song for the troubled mind. 

Playfully teasing with hockey-rink organ synths, "Bubblegum" breaks into a smooth, breezy production marked by soft percussions and Fitts' magnetizing vocals. Blending in vocal harmonies lulling us with tender "na-na-na's", this track envelopes us in waves of luxurious warmth. When speaking about "Bubblegum", Fitts explains that "With this track I was trying to explore new and different combinations of music for me as a producer/singer. At times my music may sound like a band, but it's really just me with a drum machine and some instruments." Recorded in a small beach town in Southern Spain, this track truly embodies the satisfying creak of a rocking chair on a front porch as you lean back to the sounds of breaking waves in the near distance. 

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