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Alex Bayly shows off unwavering determination in visuals for "I'll Never Leave You" [Video]

Poignantly earnest, London crooner Alex Bayly's "I'll Never Leave You" is a melodic indie ballad boasting of all the elements of a great love story: Passion, commitment, and of course- struggle. Richly composed, it follows the progression of a relationship as outside factors start pressing in on the bubble it's been living in. With a vigour reminiscent of Marvin Gaye's "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", the visual companion- premiering here today- is a playful take on the meaning of committing to be by a lover's side, even if that means getting to them on a space hopper. 

Charmingly calm and collected, Bayly coos to us while making his way through a quietly reserved town, as his transportation methods become smaller and more ridiculous along the way. Whimsical and sincere, it brings to life the scenery of "I'll Never Leave You". The beachy guitar licks juxtaposed with Bayly's richly emotive vocals paint a scene of a slower, laid-back life enriched with joy and affection. A California gem hidden in the heart of London. 

Having recently played at the Big Indie Big Nights presented by DIY Magazine event in London, Bayly is simply taking the time to enjoy his craft and deliver songs not only authentic but impossible to leave behind. 

Connect with Alex Bayly: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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