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The Polarity will make you dance in your "Skinny Jeans" with this summer jam

The Polarity just released their latest single that is destined to be the summer jam we have all been waiting for with "Skinny Jeans." At its roots, this latest single is very on the nose with its theme. It is looking back on the innocent excitement found in the early phases of a relationship. There are no fancy metaphors or hidden meanings behind this song, it is very much a delve into a very relatable story. 

When asked about their latest single lead singer Taylor Hearne said "So I’ve really had a hard time writing music ever since our last album took off. Every time I put together a song I always thought, ‘This isn’t good enough.’ I had to go back to the mindset of making music for fun and not trying to please people."

The enjoyment of creating and performing this song is evident in the driving guitar solos delivered by Ethan Ditthardt and soaring vocals from Hearne. The song is overall extremely light-hearted, fun, and meant to be blasted with the windows rolled down on a sunny afternoon drive. 

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Alternative Rock


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