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AJ Christou ruptures our 'Brain Cells' in banging new compilation

UK producer AJ Christou re-pivots our stance on dance music with his newest compilation Brain Cells—a brilliant four-track EP saturated in techno glow.

A drummer at heart, Christou builds everything around percussions and it evidently seeps through in his newest offering. Embellishing its techno sensibilities with meandering yet robust tempos, title track "Brain Cells" embodies Christou's sonic aptitude—an immediate groove built up by layered drums and infectious vocal hooks. Turbocharged sub bass adds a weighted kick to the evolving chords, giving you no means of escape. "Gucci Left" follows suit with its punchy kicks and sharp stabs, reinforcing Christou's mastery of drum.

"Balla" on the other hand, ups the ante with a more groovy twist, vocals stitched in alongside wonky synths for an effective dance track. Closing the EP, the producer rounds off with "Creep"—a darker, techno banger that slips in and out with supple drums and brooding bass. Decidedly putting a stamp on the dance scene, Brain Cells is a masterful production and testament to Christou's abilities.

Connect with AJ Christou: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook 

House · Techno


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