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Pile are having themselves a good "Hair" day

Indie rock band Pile will release their seventh full-length album next week, but first they're coming out with a brand new 'do entitled "Hair."

The new track captures the Boston-born rockers' more expressive side. It moves slowly, with compelling lyrics about being weighed down. Lead singer Rick Maguire says, "I wrote the song quickly, which doesn't happen all that often. I went over to my aunt's house to do some yard work while she was away. I took a break and started playing on the piano and I wrote the song. Ordinarily, I edit and rework songs until they’re unrecognizable from where they started, but I just left this one alone. Lyrically, I must’ve been feeling crowded or smothered in some way because that’s what came out." The music video, which showcases a variety of shots that resemble old photos from your grandparents' attic, is ephemeral and dreamy.

Pile have grown immensely in their upcoming LP entitled Green and Gray, out May 3 via Exploding In Sound Records. Their goal for the album is to refine and rework the ideas that helped form the building blocks of their sound. To support the album, Pile will be heading out on a lengthy North American tour.

Preorder Green and Gray here.

Connect with Pile: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | Soundcloud

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