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Jacob Collier and dodie team up for whimsical "Here Comes The Sun" cover

Jacob Collier has been on a journey. His four volume musical venture DJesse has grown from a bedroom project into a worldwide phenomenon. Today, he released the latest collaboration from Volume 2, a glorious cover of "Here Comes The Sun" with fellow Youtuber dodie. 

Shot in a backyard in North London, the two Youtubers layer harmony and instrumentation. "Here Comes The Sun" starts simple and grows exponentially in the span of four minutes. I can count at least ten instruments, played by both Collier and dodie as they interact with multiple versions of themselves on camera. Collier moves the piece in and out of free time, giving their harmonies room to breathe. The video is fully of whimsy, and sure to make you smile rain or shine. 

Connect with Jacob Collier: Twitter | Spotify | Instagram

Connect with dodie: Twitter | Spotify | Instagram

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