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Jaden Smith surprises all with a new EP

ERYS isn't here yet, but it's coming. Yes, the follow up to album SYRE by entrepreneur and artist Jaden Smith is on the way. However, the young California star is continuing to feed his fans little by little, now with this three-song EP entitled ERYS IS COMING.

At a running time of eight minutes, the EP is meant to be short and sweet. All three tracks were created by different young producers and written by Jaden Smith. Well, now it seems to be just "Jaden."

The music is an aggressive play of trap beats matched with hard-hitting raps, singing, and even some shouting. Jaden has been vocal in his activism towards clean water. In "New Direction," he gives a reference to the work he's done in the past few months in Africa and Flint, Michigan with "The Water Box" via the company JUST Goods.

SYRE is a character Smith created for his 2017 debut album of the same name (it's also the artist's middle name). His personality was fully laid out for us sonically on SYRE: THE ELECTRIC ALBUM - a short album with singing, synths, acoustic guitar, and zero drums. In an interview with Revolt, Jaden Smith says that SYRE is an alter-ego that is obsessed with the sun. He says, "He's kind of like cupid. He's a symbol of teenage love, but most of all a symbol of teenage heartbreak and sadness."

ERYS (eye•ris), on the other hand, is the newly introduced alter-ego who will be introduced through the visual to come with the project. ERYS is the yang to SYRE's yin, representing the dual nature of human beings. The two selves are distinct and have polarizing moods. If ERYS the album is anything like this sample, it will be comprised mostly of trap music for turning up. Fans are still anticipating the release of the second album as Smith has pushed it back a few times, and this preview gives a hint of what might be to come.

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