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La Fine Equipe, Declaime, and Georgia Anne Muldrow team up for some "Fonk Jedi" vibes

La Fine Equipe tap into the deepest parts of funk on their new single titled "Fonk Jedi," which teams the French electronic ambassadors with funk/hip-hop progenitors Declaime and Georgia Anne Muldrow.

Floating between hip-hop and funk, Declaime embodies the personality of a true MC, while Anne Muldrow adds super soul-sister vibes to the ear-grabbing beat dominated by 80's synths. Each element fits like a glove. The dynamics between the duo are undeniable, from Declaime's funky flow and mesmerizing lines to Muldrow, who lifts the track and turns it into a spiritual anthem which will wake you the funk up.

La Fine Equipe is made of four beatmakers (Oogo, Chomsky, Mr.Gib, and Blanka), who were thrust into the limelight of the electronic scene since the beginning with the release of their famous compilation « La Boulangerie ».

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