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Zander Hawley reflects on FOMO and love on "Forest Fire"

With the glamour and privilege of Coachella still percolating through online posts and gloating references, lyrically apt singer-songwriter Zander Hawley brings some much needed perspective in his newest single "Forest Fire", premiering today. 

Combining frank and honest lyrics with cryptic chorus lines, Hawley shows off his most potent strength in "Forest Fire"- his refreshing songwriting. A simple folk song with a clean melody, "Forest Fire" finds its purpose in Hawley's humble performance. Not shying away from the truth of being human, Hawley sings of dreading watching everyone head off to Coachella, while professing a deeply nested love for another individual. Or as he explains it, "[the song] is about trying to keep hold of yourself while everyone else is loudly seeming to be doing better. Plus, [it's about] the moment in the timeline of knowing someone that you realize that the nature of the relationship is maybe never going to change." 

Hawley's love for music started in Los Angeles, where he joined the band Honeywater, honing his skills across all facets of music including writing and producing. As a solo act, he has garnered the attention of many critics, and gone on to support The Naked and The Famous on tour. His effervescently smooth take on folk is a true tribute to the "less is more" school of thought. And while you won't find over-composed productions on any of his albums, you will always find meaning in his beautifully crafted words. 

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