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Johnny Utah is breaking out of his bedroom in “Honeypie”

Johnny Utah is breaking down his bedroom pop confines in 2019 with glorious indie-funk single, “Honeypie”.

The moniker of 23-year-old Philadelphia producer Jacob Sullenger, Johnny Utah is a larrikin of lo-fi. He's built a name for himself as an all-in-one DIY wunderkind. His ability to write, record, produce and mix his songs has crafted a happy-go-lucky brand of indie pop music.

While 2018's debut EP won hearts with its fun lo-fi vibes, “Honeypie” takes an astronomical step up in his bedroom pop sound. In spite of being bite-sized at just over two minutes, the song is a big bang of glittery funk guitars and twinkle-toe beats.

Sullenger’s endearing lyrics of love and awkwardness thrives in this disco pop setting. For instance, the song rolls through campy lines like “ooh girl / don’t you stop” and “bring your own fork girl / you know I don’t provide it”. Likewise, his falsetto vocals breathe a delicious amount of cheese and kitsch to the fleeting good times.

The multi-instrumentalist is flying after a string of bangers in 2018 and a placement on HBO series High Maintenance. Johnny Utah will be making a splash this year and “Honeypie” delivers the perfect warm up a bright summer ahead.

"Honeypie" is set to be released on April 25th via AWAL.

Connect with Johnny Utah:  Twitter Instagram Spotify | Soundcloud

Alt-Pop · Funk · Indie Pop


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