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Adjua arises with "O.L.V" [Premiere]

In the vein of Bristol's thriving underground, a new voice emerges crisp and clear. EARMILK is proud to premiere the debut single from vocalist and producer Adjua, the powerful "O.L.V"

A grumbling low end beckons, recalling the thriving bass scene that has become synonymous with the city of Bristol in recent years. Adjua's voice has immense range and immaculate strength, cutting through the rolling bass line like a butter knife. With a delicate finger on the pulse, she guides listeners through the dark pop soundscape - a delectable hybrid of electronic tones and ominous lyricism. It lives in a space beyond genre, a forward-grasping amalgamation of emotional responses. With artists like Adjua trailblazing music into a future where we rely less on labels, listeners can breathe a sigh of relief. There's no need to exist in just one box. 

The accompanying visual to "O.L.V" depicts the impossibly regal Adjua adorned in stunning garb, undulating proudly alongside skilled rope aerialist Amber Lavina. The two create shapes with their elegant movements, meandering through the nebulous room with flashes of sacred geometry and evocative shots of the singer's metallic lips uttering the lyrics.

"'O.L.V' is a push and pull between strength and struggle," Adjua relates. "The track and album is full of fighting spirit and 'O.L.V' in particular talks about how one little voice can have a huge impact if we have the hope and courage to use it as best we can. For me the track is about tackling environmental issues but it can be relevant to any situation where strength, courage and hope is needed to get through something and make the right choices."

Adjua cut her teeth in the punk scene, beginning her musical journey as the drummer for an all-female punk band and gaining notoriety for her high flying energetic performances as the front woman for dub reggae outfit Backbeat Soundsystem. Adjua brings this eclectic range and passionate bravado to her current solo project, with a forthcoming debut album just over horizon. 

Connect with Adjua: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram

Dark Pop · Premiere · U.K.


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