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Zachariah is "Thinking About You" and we should listen

You may not be thinking about L.A singer-songwriter Zachariah, but that's all about to change with his latest single "Thinking About You", premiering here today. 

With sinfully sweet breathy vocals and a dark, palpitating production, "Thinking About You" is an arousing four-minute piece that screams of lustful youth. A slow-tempo drum beat keeps time along intervals, mimicking a heart beat as Zachariah lusciously croons about a new love. "Early parts of love are the best- you're kind of in a fever dream of sorts. It feels like everything- the night, seasons, music, exist only for the two of you", Zachariah explains in an encapsulating summary of what "Thinking About You" is all about. 

When writing love songs, Zachariah doesn't just stop at the theme. He skillfully creates atmospheric sounds that vibrate to a chosen mood. Sweeping you away with his evocative lyrics and lush production, Zachariah sets you down in a corner of his mind, where you are left to play. A true connoisseur of dark pop, Zachariah is gearing up to release new music this spring. And before you know it, all you will be doing is thinking about him. 

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