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RVBY is sweet like a "Honey Bee" [Video]

Bristol has long been known to cultivate unique and exciting music artists and sounds. Joining this prestigious list is rising pop sensation RVBY, aka Ruby Donadel. With only two singles out, she has quickly proven that she's got soul, class, and most of all - she knows pop. Premiering today are the quirky visuals for her second single "Honey Bee," an ode to all the big dreamers in the world.

Describing this motivational track, RVBY explains that "[it's] about big dreamers. But when those people get caught up in the daily routine of their working lives it can stop the colour from coming in. I wrote this song to say I have the same big dream and I'm going to try and make it a reality." The music video is reflective of this sentiment, as we follow the protagonist through her office job morning commute routine. Upon making it to the train, she transforms into an animated version of herself (or rather, she now wears an oversized drawn head), just as the chorus swells into action. The perceived freedom and liberation is exaggerated with funky dance moves and childish reminiscences. 

"Honey Bee" is the second in a series of singles to be released this year. And while it boasts of all the right pop moves - bubbly electronic production with a simple and sleek chorus, its true appeal is in RVBY's vocals. Sweet and smooth as silk, they caress this uplifting production with maturity and grace, establishing RVBY as the true jewel of Bristol.

If you also can't get enough of this shining star, check out her upcoming show at Abby McCarthy's Good Karma Club at Sebright Arms

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