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DUCKWRTH and Rico Nasty tie tongues on "LOVE IS LIKE A MOSHPIT"

"Blah blah blah blah blah blah," is usually a sign that a productive argument is no longer in the cards, or, apparently, it can be a chorus. That's right, the same phrase your significant other gives you after hearing enough of your excuses for missing her mother's cousin's dog's birthday can make for one catchy-ass chorus. DUCKWRTH is hip-hop's menacing new knight championing the genre forwards. This time, he has assembled Medasin and Rico Nasty to deliver a total onslaught of relentless flow and hard-hitting rhymes for his latest single, "LOVE IS LIKE A MOSHPIT". The expressive track features a nonsensical spurting of words, a piano that's full of body, and drums that pack a punch much stronger than a love-tap, click play below:

The song is a sweaty, emotional affair—it's the words you say when you speak too soon after the initial cut. It's energetic in its delivery, only slowing down when Rico Nasty interjects with her point of view. This sparring of tongues creates an atmosphere ripe with sexual energy and pent-up frustration; it's a beautiful expression of some very strong emotions. DUCKWRTH draws comparisons between love and a moshpit by explaining how love can be pure ecstasy one moment, and a painful clash that leaves cuts and bruises in the next.

With this newest cut, the excitement for The Falling Man EP that's due out May 17th only grows stronger.

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