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DJ Koze puts a disco touch on Gerry Read's "It'll All Be Over"

British producer Gerry Read has teamed up with DJ Koze's Pampa Recordings for a new EP. The full release will be out May 10 on vinyl, featuring two new originals, "It'll All Be Over" and "Satyricon." This week, a sneak peak of the release has been released digitally, with its third track released as DJ Koze's own stamp of approval. Such a sign off comes as his own remix of "It'll All Be Over," which picks up where one of 2018's biggest disco tracks, "Pick Up," left off. In succession, the tracks might feel made for each other, even a little formulaic - but that doesn't mean it's something to ignore. In fact, Koze leaning into this island-primed disco sound is a welcome addition to his brand. Soul samples and expansive strings open up a warmth that he's truly mastered.

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