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Tanis delivers a soaring ballad in "Would Be You"

 While modern alt-pop bends a knee to the dark and the sometimes twisted, multicultural wonder Tanis stays true to her roots and delivers a truly cinematic experience in her newest single, "Would Be You". 

Calling "Would Be You" cinematic is not just another uninspired cliché, as Tanis has been making a name for herself in fim scores since the inconceivable age of fourteen. Her first composition was featured in Disney Asia's Trail of the Panda, an experience that would only solidify her curiosity about the interplay of sounds and images, leading her to pursue musical composition studies, and finally land here. As the first follow-up to her 2016 EP, Blackout, "Would Be You" flows like a calm sea, lapping against the shores of an epic love story anxiously awaiting to be told. Tanis' rich voice patiently croons over a clean, unpretentious composition, while adding in a contemporary twist with echoing synth lines. "Would Be You" feels like the crisp opening page of a new book, a feeling that is not lost on the talented singer: "This single is definitely marking a new chapter but it is also very much part of my journey. I like to believe that there is still more to come and more stories to unfold."

Real life may not be a movie, but Tanis' true talent is in creating songs that make everyday life feel like a movie. And with new singles slated to be released this year, we can't wait for the upcoming attractions. 

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