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Anika Grace searches for genuine human connection in "Anybody Out There"

Powerfully raw and authentic pop, Annika Grace releases her latest single "Anybody Out There". The track features pulsating soundscapes and stunning passionate vocals with honest, emotive lyricism.

"In our society today, we are so consumed with fame, wealth, and popularity. We rely on our social media followers to let us know how loved we are. We swipe right, not to find a decent human being we could possibly see ourselves with, but instead whoever is the hottest. It's a "me" society, and I feel a lot of us, especially myself, feel a little lost in this new culture that has been created by the internet," admits Grace. "I consider myself a little old fashioned and a hopeless romantic, and I feel today that is fading. One night stands and booty calls replace romantic dates while beer pong and red cups replace the intimacy of buying someone a drink and getting to know one another."

She wrote this song to illustrate to others that you don't have to play follow the leader. Reminiscing on the person she was before college set the path for who she desired to be. "Sometimes there is a point in your life where everything you used to be becomes everything you wish to be and I was in that moment, looking back on the version of myself who didn't care if my values and expectations weren't the norm." she reveals. Juggling the line between being boldly and unapologetically yourself and being the person who's just trying to fit in, the question gets raised… "is there anybody out there like me?"

Annika Grace is a singer, songwriter, and poet living in Venice, California. Growing up in Los Angeles, a town where everyone wants to be someone and people get treated as if they are Prada bags, she eventually moved to New York in hopes of finding herself. Being fully immersed in that culture helped stimulate her creative juices. Using her surroundings as a muse, she honed in on her craft creating art that was organic and relatable. The impact of a pen to paper allowed her comfort in a world of jocks, drama, growing up and navigating her values in front of an audience that had none. Singing came naturally, and she found her voice with a mic and a piano, her poetry the lyrics. Poetry and music became her version of a diary and she was conveying powerful stories. Torn between two cities, her music draws upon her experiences in Los Angeles and New York.

Grace's earnest, heartfelt music has gained her over 600 thousand views on her Youtube videos. She was also a semi-finalist in the International Songwriters competition and has showcased at the Durango Songwriters Expo in Colorado and Los Angeles. Grace has performed at prestigious venues across Los Angeles and New York such as The Peppermint Club, The Bitter End, and Pianos. Take a listen to "Anybody Out There" out now.

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