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Blossom delivers meditative new single "Moi å Moi"

There’s an up-and-coming vocalist out of Portland, Oregon who goes by the name of Blossom and is ready to make some waves. The artist who originally hails from Trinidad & Tobago has a new album entitled Maybe arriving on May 30 via EYRST and today on EARMILK she is premiering the LP’s latest single “Moi å Moi.” The self-reflective track is part of a larger coming of age narrative on the album, which Blossom encapsulates in the statement, “Take me as I am and either come along for the ride of me finding myself or stay out of my way!”

Blossom’s confidence in that quote manifests itself on “Moi å Moi,” even as she examines her own carelessness and decision-making. Her breezy, almost conversational vocal delivery is effortlessly expressive throughout the song, with some cleverly subtle vocal layering sprinkled in. The music follows suit, featuring a laid back electronic production with warm synth pads and various percussion sounds flowing in and out of the mix. Blossom shows promise on “Moi å Moi” and the track provides some engaging elements that should pique listeners’ attention ahead of the album next month.

Stream or buy "Moi å Moi" here.

Connect with Blossom: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Electronic · Premiere · R&B


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