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Alex Kozobolis gears up to release new album "Somewhere Else" on Phases

Gorgeous tracks such as "Offline", "Barcelona" and latest "Where London Sleeps" lusciously pave the way for Somewhere Else arriving April 25th. 

It's not the first time we've featured the musician and multimedia artist. However Somewhere Else perhaps envelops Alex Kozobolis' most distinctive sounding piano recordings. Characterised throughout just as much by the sound of hands pressing the keys as the notes themselves. As a result soft and feathery flutters dance and scatter incomplete memories into existence.

"Where London Sleeps" seems to rest somewhere between a classical-esque hubbub at points, moving eventually into stark 4ths, and ending on a Thelonius Monk jazz-scape improv. Perhaps soundtracking different parts of London at different parts of the evening. We recommend pre-ordering Somewhere Else on vinyl here to enjoy these delicious tracks.

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Cinematic · Classical · Indie · Neoclassical


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