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Austin singer Hailey Orion releases two new tracks, "Oh Well" and "Only If"

Austin, Texas singer Hailey Orion is, to put it bluntly, insanely talented. She just released two new tracks in "Oh Well" and "Only If," both of which are as hypnotic as they are soothing. They're slow and both take time to develop into beautiful showcases of her almost old-timey vocals. "Oh Well" sees a sudden but fitting feature from Malik while the two artists sing about regrets and effort in relationships. Orion and Malik's chemistry is undeniable on this track, but the two have been making music together for years. The singers both developed a bond recording Orion's 2017 debut EP in Malik's home studio and, since then, have only improved their individual and collaborative sounds. 

"Only If" is entrancing. It immediately draws in the listener and never has a dull moment to let them go. Orion is open and honest, but each song's meaning takes more than one listen to understand. Press play on "Only If" below and "Oh Well" up above. 


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