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WARGIRL wants to know "How You Feel" about them now [Video]

It's hard to know where to start when introducing the multi-cultural groove/world/indie rock collective WARGIRL. That first line alone should indicate why. This Long Beach, California indie rock band has been described in many ways, among them "third world garage rock", "afro-punk", "reggae", and to be honest- none of those descriptions are wrong. This is a band that explores music like no other, and today they share their newest findings with their latest single, "How You Feel". 

"How You Feel" is funk rock in a nostalgic nod to 60's California. Samantha Park's lead vocals drip like honey over groovy bass lines, exultant horns, and commanding percussions. It's a refreshing breath of air, reminding you of exactly why you liked music in the first place. And that feeling is what Matt Wignall (Cold War Kids) was looking for when forming the band. As he puts it, "The idea of being in some band where there's four guys playing and one of them singing lead just seemed incredibly boring to me." So he set out to form a band that would reinvigorate the sounds of his southern California hometown heroes like Santana, Love, and War. 

WARGIRL refuses to paint itself as anything other than a collective. A collective of sounds, backgrounds, experiences, and talents. It is currently composed of lead singer Samantha Park, bassist Tamara Raye, keyboardist Enya Preston, dual percussionists Erick Diego Nieto and Jeff Suri, and of course, guitarist Matt Wignall. They take incredible pride in their diversity, a prominent trait of Long Beach, sharing that "nobody else sounds like us, and yet we sound like the environment we come from." Their self-titled debut LP is set to drop on April 19th, with an album release show planned for the House of Machines in LA on April 20th. 

Connect with WARGIRL: Website|Facebook|Instagram|Twitter|Spotify

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