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Sharam Jey and Vanilla Ace come together for 'My Thang' EP

Kittball is back again with another meaty release, welcoming a robust collaboration between Bunny Tiger founder Sharam Jey and London’s Vanilla Ace. The duo delivers My Thang, a short but sweet EP consisting of two vibrant cuts.

Reeling us in with a gutted kick and rolling snares, titular track "My Thang" is a rambunctious track that maximizes its use of vocal lines for a smooth groove. The duo display their effortless teamwork with sultry low-end rumbles, infusing the track with a moody yet utterly raw touch. "The Boom Bap" on the other hand, displays an incredible percussive modulation, hitting hard right in the beginning with its catchy lyrics and heady bass.

"I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Vanilla Ace since 2013 and the idea for "My Thang" was something we had in mind for a while," Jey shares. "We both take our inspiration from eclectic sources and often in particular from old-school hip hop tracks. Our tastes and inspirations in music are very much on the same level, which makes it easy to collaborate. We are both on the road a lot so we tend to work back and forth with projects, tweaking and improving until we have the final  product."

Since the '90s, Jey has produced over 100 releases on labels like Toolroom, 8Bit and Suara, whilst helming his own imprints King Kong and Bunny Tiger. Meanwhile, Vanilla Ace has made appearances on Spinnin' Deep, Simma Black and Night Bass. The pair first collaborated with each other on Jey's Bunny Tiger in 2013 and have worked with each other numerous times since.


Connect with Sharam Jey: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Connect with Vanilla Ace: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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